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SNAP is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that supports you to buy food.

Find out if you’re eligible by filling out the form below or calling 1-833-834-2900. Eligibility is determined by income level. If you’re eligible, you will receive an Electronics Benefit Transfer (EBT) ACCESS Card.


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SNAP annually serves 1.8 million individuals in PA.


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Call 1-833-834-2900 for assistance or complete the form below.

    A representative will contact you within 48 hours during work weekdays to determine eligibility. 

    Call 1-833-834-2900 for assistance.

    A 20-minute call can determine eligibility. In-person appointments are not required.

    Complete the online referral form above and we will follow up with you shortly.

    A SNAP outreach representative will respond within 48 hours.

    SNAP benefits are placed in an electronic account that only the recipient can use. This system is called Electronic Benefits Transfer, or EBT. The eligible household receives the Pennsylvania EBT ACCESS card, which allows withdrawals for food purchases at grocery stores and supermarkets. The store uses the EBT ACCESS card to electronically subtract purchases from the SNAP account. The eligible household can only spend the amount that is in the account. This is not a credit card.

    To get SNAP benefits, your income has to be under certain limits. We will review the income limits with you as part of the pre-screening process.

    Call 1-833-834-2900 for assistance or complete the online referral form above and we will follow up with you shortly.

    SNAP households may receive deductions from their gross income for things like housing costs, child or dependent care payments, and medical expenses more than $35 for older adults or people with disabilities.

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